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KCD Zürich Rejects

KCD Zürich Rejects is an event designed to showcase the wealth of knowledge and innovation within the Kubernetes community that didn't fit into the main Kubernetes Community Days Zürich 2024 agenda.

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what is Rejects?

With over 90 people on the waiting list and a remarkable 110 talk submissions for KCD Zürich, your enthusiasm has left us speechless.

We’re excited to announce a special addition to our schedule: KCD Zürich Rejects, to give more community members the opportunity to share their insights and connect. We are excited to feature the top 6 speakers who didn’t make the cut for the main event, ensuring their valuable talks are heard.

  • Our work

    We’re dedicated to fostering a network within the cloud native community, providing a platform for like-minded professionals to exchange knowledge, ideas, and explore opportunities.

  • Our goal

    Our goal is to create a platform where professionals and experts from all backgrounds and levels can come together to learn, network, and share their knowledge on all aspects of cloud-native technology.

  • Our mission

    We are passionately committed to promoting holistic diversity and inclusion in the tech industry, and we are dedicated to providing a platform for everyone to have a voice and be heard.


Explore cloud native excellence at KCD Zurich Rejects 2024! Join expert speakers for talks, networking, and a vibrant celebration of innovation.

  • Marco Kündig

    Marco Kündig

    CTO at copebit AG

  • Simon Krenger

    Simon Krenger

    Principal Technical Account Manager at Red Hat

  • Kyra Goud

    Kyra Goud

    Specialist Solution Architect at Red Hat

  • Josie Pfeiffer

    Josie Pfeiffer

    Cloud Native Consultant, Red Hat

  • Thomas Graf

    Thomas Graf

    Founder & CTO of Isovalent

  • Marc Herren

    Marc Herren

    Founder of remmen.io

Bluelion incubator

Josefstrasse 219
8005 Zürich

Event Information

Choose from two experiences, both including food and drinks in the ticket price:

  • Half-Day Experience [KCD Rejects]:
    Attend the afternoon’s KCD Rejects conference, featuring a series of insightful talks and discussions.
  • Full-Day Experience [Workshops + KCD Rejects]:
    Start your day with engaging Kubernetes or ArgoCD workshops, enjoy lunch, and continue with the KCD Rejects conference in the afternoon.

Both options end with an amazing Rooftop Networking Apéro on a terrace with stunning views, and is the perfect way to unwind and connect after a day filled with valuable insights and interactions.

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