Thank you to each of you for making Kubernetes Community Days Zürich a resounding success. Our sincere thanks also go to our sponsors. Your support played a crucial role in the success of this event.

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Kubernetes Community Day Zürich 2023

    • Thomas Graf photo
      Thomas Graf
    30 minKeynote

    Cilium Mesh - How to Connect Kubernetes with Legacy VM and Server Infrastructure

    Kubernetes has taken the industry by storm and has become the standard platform for new workloads. It is ideal for containerized workloads. However, a majority of workloads will remain where they are for another while, running on VMs or physical servers in either public or private cloud. How do we connect the new world of Kubernetes consisting of services, identities and CI/CD with the existing world of VMs, servers, and existing network infrastructure? In this session, we will look into the brand new Cilium Mesh layer. Cilium Mesh is a new universal networking layer to connect workloads and machines across cloud, on-prem, and edge. It consists of a Kubernetes networking component (CNI), a multi-cluster connectivity plane (Cluster Mesh), and a transit gateway to connect with VMs and servers in existing networks.
    • Max Körbächer photo
      Max Körbächer
    30 min

    The state of Green Washing - or how to build sustainable systems with Kubernetes

    Kubernetes is not the answer to everything, but where it is, it is a great companion to designing systems and putting environmental sustainability into your mind. But being eco-friendly invites people to greenwash their intentions, so let us start the story from the end and clarify some myths. Saving money on infrastructure may reduce your Carbon impact, but we can do more. In this presentation, we will look at what is currently possible, what are the recent developments and what we need in the future to create a carbon-aware system landscape. You will learn how designing system architectures for eco-friendliness, will have a sustainable impact, in many ways.
    • Adrian Reber photo
      Adrian Reber
    30 min

    Forensic container checkpointing and analysis

    With the introduction of "Forensic Container Checkpointing" in Kubernetes 1.25 it is possible to checkpoint containers. The ability to checkpoint containers opens up many new use cases. Containers can be migrated without loosing the state of the container, fast startup from existing checkpoints, using spot instances more effective. The primary use case, based on the title of the Kubernetes enhancement proposal, is the forensic analysis of the checkpointed containers. In this session I want to introduce the different possible use cases of "Forensic Container Checkpointing" with a focus on how to perform forensic analysis on the checkpointed containers. The presented use cases and especially the forensic analysis will be done as a live demo giving the audience a hands on experience.

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